50 Shades of Kay

“I like being scratched,” he said. “Fingernails.” I noted his sexual turn-ons as we talked over drinks.
“I like being choked.” I replied. “Nothing too hard,” I assured, nervously. “Just enough to feel some tension. I still would like to breathe!”

“My girlfriend doesn’t like that. Such a shame. I know exactly what to do.” He wasn’t joking.

He took me to his apartment where he lived with his mom. “I think she’ll be asleep by now.” We snuck in just incase. I was the other woman, and I got the sense I was the first other girl he’s taken home.

He flung me onto his bed, forcefully. Hurriedly, we flowed into making out. He undressed me, and I undressed him. His hands explored my body, and then his fingers explored my pussy, massaging and teasing my g-spot. He took his fingers out and I saw how wet my juices already were. He reached out and I grabbed his hand to suck my juices from his fingers, tasting them. I’ve tasted myself before and I know I taste good.

He placed his hands on my neck. One thing lead to another and he grabbed me one-handed, off the bed. He lifted me up, his grip still intently on my neck. My legs struggled to find grounding. Fumbling for the edge of the bed, and then I let go, suspended in the air with his hand on my neck. He was rough, but not too rough. I was choked, but not too choked. I could still breathe, but struggled to get air.

It was the hottest thing. To feel weightless, suspended, and out of control with only the strength of a man’s one-handed grip on my neck as he lifted me up higher. Such a demonstration of strength turned me on even more.

Suspended in the air for a few more seconds, he shoved me onto the bed again and pinned my wrists down over my head, against his pillow. He thrust his 8″ cock inside me and I gasped in pleasure. Three years of fucking 4″ small dicks and I had had enough. I was ready for this man to ravage me all night.

He unleashed his grip on my wrist and I clung my hands on his back tightly, pressed my nails against his back and slowly dragged them down with as much pressure as I could muster. With each hard thrust I clung even deeper and scratched even faster, matching the speed of his thrusts.

“How do you want it baby?” He whispered.
“On my back, doggy style.”

Without another word, he grabbed my waist and flipped me over his bed, belly down, dick still in my pussy. My legs were pinned down with his legs and body on top of me. He grabbed my waist again and used the bed like a trampoline to bounce his body up while I placed my hands in a push-up/cobra position and used his momentum to spring my legs up in cat stance. With barely any pause, the switch happening in just seconds, he began to fuck me even harder as I pushed out my ass and arched my back.

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