Dance, Dance, Dance

(hint: play the music while you read the entry)

Having trouble telling
how I feel
but I can dance, dance, dance
couldn’t possibly tell you
how I mean,
but I can dance, dance, dance

Movement in body is movement in life.

I am always reminded of this and have intellectually known it, trying to methodically keep my movements up because it’s “good for me”, but never attaching wholeheartedly to a reason.

Today, I know this in my body. I FEEL it wholeheartedly. I’ve been part of a dance troupe for about two months. It started gradually, but the feeling has amped up. I feel more alive and amplified by life. Dancing is nourishing. I am obsessed with it. I am in love with it, like dance were my lover. I want more and more of it in my life. It gives me a high, a release of endorphins, like sex. For someone who isn’t seeing anyone, content to ignore ‘the search’ and just focus on my own expansion, I want dance to cradle me, like a lover embracing me in a horizontal hug, thrusting his engorged genitals in my swollen pussy lips as I receive. I want dance to help me open and receive to life.

Dance is sensual. Feminine. Form. Movement. Curvaceous.

When I dance, I have the biggest, most joyful smile on my face. I am lit. Radiant.

Dance is an invitation.

Will you dance with me?

I’ve dabbled in many styles of dance. Bellydance. Bollywood. Poledance. Hip-hop. Zumba. Jazz. Salsa, and martial arts to savor that part of me that loves being dominated, pinned down, and grappling with sweaty men on the ground.

I’m convinced that the more I dance, the fuller my life will become. It is already happening.

This fullness will invite a lover into my life, when the time is ripe. I refuse to “look”, “search”, “wait” or “chase”, but I will slink my body come hither and let him come to me in divine timing. I will enjoy life fully, expand in friendships and connections, and focus on present radiant experience. This is the energy that feels good. Not waiting, searching, looking, or chasing, each with its levels of insecurity. I choose to go towards the energies that feel good. Right now, that’s dance. Dance is my lover and I am in love.

I choose confidence and self-love.

Will you dance with me?

When I’m shaking my hips,
look for the swing
the words are
written in the air

Dance is a language on its own. Words aren’t needed. The words are in the movement.

Dance moves my life forward. Today, I landed three new client projects.

The fullness that I get from dance transfers over into my business, and I am able to focus on work with more conviction.

Dance is a tool for manifestation.

It’s that feminine divine energy again. An intention. An invitation.

Through dance, I invoke a magnetism that creates action. Through action, I create my conscious life.

Life moves in mysterious ways, but dance gives it more dimension and synchronicity. It creates abundance. A bun dance.

Your body is an incredible gift. We get to experience this earth as a solid, human being with feelings and emotions. We can use our bodies to experience love. We can express joy and happiness. A powerful way to express this is through movement. Through dance.

Oh dance. I was a dancer all along.

The more we move our bodies and dance to the rhythm of life, the more opportunities open up and express who we really are. Through dance, I feel closer to my higher self. Through dance, I feel a closeness to spirit. My body is my own temple, and my spirit is nourished by musical beats.

Instead of “waiting”, like fairytales would suggest or “chasing”, taking on the dominant masculine role, I am simply focusing on making my life full, and more sustainable in higher vibration. Whenever I try looking towards the ‘singles scene’ and actively date, with sex and hook-up culture rampant, it takes me back to a lower vibration. I can’t afford the mess and drama and truthfully, it takes me a good 4-5 months to ‘get over’ someone and let go… Sometimes even a year or more if the relationship was long-term. Somehow, I think I intuitively knew this after coming out of a five-year long relationship, without knowing terms like high and low vibration. I vowed two years of celibacy and focused on myself, expanding my life by traveling to India, volunteering in a slum school, joining a monastery retreat, walking a 400 mile-long pilgrimage, and many other amazing things.

I also thought my next relationship would be my last. Strong and healthy and long-lasting. But when I met him, I knew it would only be a season. It lasted three years, and I knew I needed to sow my wild oats before I could ‘settle down’ into my next longterm relationship.

Until then, I dance. Dance, dance, dance.

Will you dance with me?

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