I Am the Unicorn

Let me just preface this to say that I went to my first naked party.
Did I get your attention, Mon’Amie?

I went to New York and my friend threw a naked party just so I could attend, because he knew I was in town. In a way, he threw it for ME. The wild card. The wild one.

I didn’t have a birthday party a week or two before so this counts as my birthday suit party, right? Right.

Four couples and me, the Unicorn.

A Unicorn is a single, bisexual female that open/poly couples look for to play with in an MFF threesome. A Unicorn is a rare breed (and perhaps why they are coined ‘Unicorns’ for their mythical nature), as the requirements are often “hot, bisexual, babe” (HBB), unattached, single and ‘secondary’. They are expected not to threaten the primary relationship of the couple inviting them and remain emotionally unattached. The Unicorn must be aloof, and retreat to their mythical, mystical land from whence they came, only to be summoned when the time beacons (I like writing up my ass).

Why I’m the Perfect Unicorn

Not to brag or nothin’ but I think I’m the perfect Unicorn. I’m nomadic and travel. I probably don’t want to live where you are, which puts me at the perfect advantage for your emotionally unattached bit of fun. I have no attachments to places, and people, and I don’t want a relationship (I’m either single or with my partner and I wouldn’t want it any other way). I’m a HBB and I’ve got Buddhist non-attachment down to a tee. It comes with the terrain of being a traveler.

People describe me as “calm” (if they lived inside my head they’d know better), and I’ve already got Unicorn experience under my belt (literally).

The first time I was a Unicorn, I had sex dreams for a week straight. It blew my mind. Not necessarily in that sexually gratifying way (though there was that too), but in that eye opening “whole new world” sort of way that I had never experienced first hand, and only read and dreamt about prior. Now THAT’S what I call shining, shimmering, splendid.

I was referred by a mutual friend to enter a threesome with a married couple. It was my first real, live look into an alternative relationship, and a marriage at that! It was exactly what I wanted.

A family, kids, and kink.

A partner to fulfill me and women to play with.

In their particular arrangement, the wife wasn’t allowed, nor interested, in hooking up with men, but could be with other women. She had no resentments towards an “unfair” gender bias, because she was truly uninterested in other men and very attentive and faithful to her man. She just wanted to dominate and fuck woman.

It’s a man’s dream to share their woman with another HBB and the perfect MFF threesome is borne (cue Handel’s “Hallelujah”).

It’s my fantasy to eat my first pussy (sadly, the nature of my first threesome didn’t reach “home run”, if we’re going by baseball) and share the moment with a partner, but I digress. I’m the Unicorn, not the couple in this scenario.

I have no expectations for what will happen, and won’t take it personally if you don’t want me to be your Unicorn, but if you do, I’m okay with that too. I can take it or leave it. No attachment and no hurt feelings. I’m down for some fun. That’s all.

It’s easier to find couples looking for Unicorns than it is to BE the couple looking for a Unicorn. I know from both experiences.

Single, unattached, female is one hot commodity in the open/poly world, and they seem like few and far between.

Where Have All the Unicorns Gone?

Searching for a Unicorn, on the other hand, is tough. Couples have the right to be picky and crave a certain chemistry. It’s not entirely a free for all.

I know couples in the scene but singles? Personally, I don’t know any girl like ME. I’m one in a million. The perfect Unicorn. The girl next door and a freak in bed.

Being with a partner, it’s hard to find the “third”. It’s almost as if they don’t exist.

In most cases, couples will give the female the task to initiate with another female. When I’m in partnership, it is up to me to find the girl.

At first I thought this was unfair. Guys should be the hunters, but they’re lazy, and why should I have to do all the work?

After exploring with more couples and getting my first tastes within the ‘scene’, it made me think and realize the reason why women should lead.

A woman initiates with another woman and this is considered the safer, less threatening route than a man approaching, who could be seen as a ‘predator’. It’s important for the woman in the relationship to “approve” of the other woman involved and therefore, it would be best to pick the woman herself, and approach her. You want your woman to feel safe and respected, and really, she runs the show. If she’s not fine with it, then the show’s over. It starts with the woman’s consent.

That’s an empowering realization, but it doesn’t make finding the Unicorn any easier.

For now, let me enjoy being the Unicorn. Let me be the “other”, the “third”. Less maintenance and more freedom.

6 thoughts on “I Am the Unicorn

  1. Umm. You sound perfect. Come be our unicorn?? Lmao. I don’t think that is what this reply section is for, but, oh well.

  2. Freedom, after reading your comments it was clear to my you found I great way to embrace this complicated part of life. In some ways I think the Same way as you do from a male side. I love am wife and from my empowerment to her she is allowed to think and do whatever she dreams as long as she is safe. I feel jealous of you in some ways as you have found, if I can say, a passion not a necessasity or obligation. There are an infinite number of men looking for MFF but in trying to see an male side of an unicorn in a different thing. I have never been I a situation as you find yourself as unicorn but we had some MMF as my wife is interested. I guess the question is… What is a male unicorn? Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to read comments.

    • Very interesting question to bring up! It’s true, you automatically think of unicorns as female… and I think in our society women are the more desirable in that MFF fantasy… just look to porn. And the MFF is one of the most common fantasies. But yes, what about MMF? What about the M unicorn?? I wonder if that is even harder and more rare. I think there are a lot of bisexual people–more than you might think! But I also feel that bisexuality is more a non-event for women than it is for men… “I kissed a girl and I liked it” came out as a huge hit. It’s not as socially acceptable for men to be bisexual, or not as sexualized in culture. I think it’s actually attractive and even a turn on when a man can play with his sexuality and be with other men. I think a male unicorn has to be open to play. May or may not necessarily consider himself bi, but open enough and comfortable enough w/ his sexuality to be around other naked men in the presence of an attractive woman. The DP (double penetration) comes to mind as being an ultimat MMF fantasy. If two men are focused only on pleasuring the female, then I feel they don’t necessarily have to identify as bisexual. Not sure if this even begins to answer your question but these are the thoughts that came to my mind.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, my wife has been in a MMF I feel times and in every instance I did not find difficult to jointly pleasure her. I have to confess that I did not make any effort to be close to “the other guy” just because my wife at least with me not interested in DP… She commented with me an intance where she tried but did not enjoy to try again. Personally the principal aspect of and encounter is the initial connection that both have with the unicorn ,female or male. I agree with you that the bisexual aspect. Unless there is a three way connection, it is hard to even approach the topic.
    When you first commented about bisexual, made me wondering about the definition of it. Not the dictionary definition but the emotional definition.
    For you, due to your experience, may be simpler to define and I would wonder if this can change with attraction.
    FF is from all aspects a bit more acceptable in this current society than the MM. I honestly believe we will get there, a place where there is no label, just the simple interest and connection with a single or multiple individuals.
    Without any lived situation, opportunity or experience, i may say that I feel like an male unicorn. However things can change when I face to face with this opportunity. I do not know what my wife would make of this concept and I guess just being in one we will learn this side of my coin…
    For sure I know how I am attracted to the female anatomy and the taste of it… When my wife was pregnant I could not wait the oportunity to make love to her and during the breat feeding I was the last one on the feeding line, something that to this day I am extremely attracted to.
    On our day to day life, I find giving her oral the best part of the night.. from all aspects of it.
    And to circle back… My unicorn mind may always find the oral part the best due to the challenge and intimacy sides.
    Sorry for mixing topics..

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